News - What are the types of 18650 lithium batteries

The types of 18650 lithium batteries include 18650 nickel-metal hydride batteries, 18650 lithium ion batteries, and 18650 lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries.

1.18650 lithium battery: 18650 lithium ion battery is a liquid lithium battery whose electrolyte is liquid. At this stage, most of them are cylindrical rechargeable batteries with an aluminum shell.

2.18650 lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery: The 18650 lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery was made in recent years and was made during the rapid development of lithium-ion batteries. It is also a type of lithium-ion battery.

3.18650 Ni-MH battery: 18650 Ni-MH battery is a kind of battery with good safety performance.

The use of lithium secondary batteries in the energy battery industry benefits from their superior safety performance. With the continuous and rapid development of lithium secondary battery technology, it has been widely used in our daily life; rechargeable batteries that have been used many times have become more and more sought after by customers. At this stage, the 18650 lithium battery is widely used in many fields.

18650 lithium battery pack use range (application field)

Smart scan code gun,

pos machine/ walkie talkie,

electrical tools,

Underwater vacuum cleaner,

Solar street lights and other consumer digital products

Post time: Jan-26-2021