Should the PACK of lithium batteries be the core of car companies?

We are all concerned about battery technology, battery life and safety level, but it seems to be the skill level of the battery pack. What kind of new skills are used is less concerned. I think this is related to the skills of the current owner and has a great executive power. relation.

At that time, battery pack technology was an important implementation of three major categories: battery manufacturing companies, automobile manufacturing companies and third-party independent or joint venture battery pack professional companies. According to incomplete statistics, 60-70% of the packaging is done by battery companies (in the passenger car category, almost 100%), 10-20% is done by automobile companies, and 20% is done by third parties. The core manufacturing company is very professional and is best at core skills. It has a great say in this aspect. This is one of the reasons why the opening of packaging skills is blocked.

I personally think that it is unreasonable for a battery cell company to take the heavy responsibility for packaging and should be led by the car manufacturer. Talent can bring a healthy and fast opening package. Based on the following considerations:

First of all, core skills are exposed to engineering talents who cannot cope with the confusion and systematization of packaging skills. Packaging skills involve disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, heat, fluids, etc., while core skills involve disciplines such as chemistry, data, and heat, with few cross-overs. In the automotive industry, professionals with packaging skills are needed, so they are more professional. If the core company is to be equipped with so many professionals, it will require a large amount of capital injection. Under the current conditions, most core factories do not have these conditions. So the end result is that although they can make packages, they are more like stacks, short assembly, and no skills to open.

Secondly, automakers can better understand their own needs in packaging planning, and better consider issues from the perspective of the entire system, so as to better complete the organic coordination between packaging and automobiles.

Third, the current international mainstream vehicle packaging technology is the method of vehicle LED and battery factories. Leaf is led by Nissan and provided by NEC. The Tesla package is dominated by Tesla itself, while Panasonic only supplies monomers. Volt, Prius, etc. In this way, cellFactory only provides necessary support according to CarFactory’s requirements in cell parameters and planning.

Fourth, passenger cars belong to a special group. International shopping malls are shipped in China, and the space for passenger cars is relatively loose. In addition, the technology and strength of passenger cars are not at the same level compared with factories. So these cells are now completely rooted in cellular plants. But from now on, it should be the same as a passenger car.

The chaotic system should pay more attention to specialization and detailed division of labor, to prevent integrity, and to improve the effectiveness of the system. From this point of view, the unpacking method with automobile factories as the main and lithium battery manufacturers as the auxiliary should be the inevitable choice in the future. According to this standard, the packaging library structure of electric vehicles will be greatly changed in the later period.

Post time: Oct-29-2021

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