SOSLLI enters the field of communication base station towers

Since the beginning of this year, Suosili has reported successes in the field of energy storage. Following the signing of large-scale energy storage sales orders with Zhongshan Lubo and Zhongshang Intelligent, recently, Suosili and China Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Tower) Signed a “Purchase Contract” for product procurement, and Sosli will supply cascade lithium batteries to China Tower, with a contract value of 184 million yuan.

For a long time, China Tower has actively promoted the use of electric vehicle battery cascades, and is committed to solving the problem of cascade use of electric vehicle power batteries in China. In January of this year, at the inaugural meeting of the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance Recycling Branch and the seminar on power battery cascade recycling, Sosli and China Tower signed a strategic agreement on power battery cascade recycling, and Sosli batteries became China The tower’s strategic partner supplies it with cascade batteries.

In terms of power battery ladder utilization, as a leader in the automotive power battery industry, Solis has a strong first-mover advantage and market base. As early as 2017, the energy storage products of communication base stations were launched, and in 2018, portable energy storage systems and 8000Wh home energy storage products were launched. So far, Solis has formed four sets of mature solutions for energy storage power station system, mobile energy storage system, home energy storage system and operation monitoring system.

In October last year, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission published the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Energy Storage Technology and Industry”, depicting a “road map” of the decade of energy storage technology development. Industry experts said that the use of lithium power in the field of energy storage, this The market capacity can reach trillions of output value, and the prospect is very broad. With the improvement of technology and policy guidance, the gradual utilization of power batteries has gradually become a hot spot, and it is expected to further open up the application space of energy storage.

Suosili has a pack automation production line that is ahead of the industry. The products shipped from the factory have the advantages of high consistency, long operating life, and high conversion efficiency. China Tower and Suosili signed an energy storage battery sales agreement, which is an advanced manufacturing of Suosili Level of affirmation. In the future, Suosili will use high-quality products to escort the communication base stations of China Tower distributed all over the country.

Post time: Jul-08-2020

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