Will the back clamp battery damage the phone battery?

The back clip battery is also called “external battery” and “backup battery”. It is not only a mobile power source, but also a protective cover. It can provide sufficient power while protecting the phone, which is very convenient and practical. Will the battery in the back clip hurt the battery of the mobile phone?

Generally, a good back clip battery will have multiple protections, will not damage the original machine, can effectively avoid short circuit, overcharge, overvoltage, overdischarge and other faults, and will not cause damage to the mobile phone battery. However, some low-quality back clip batteries will not rule out damage to the mobile phone battery, so you must choose well-known brands when buying back clip batteries. Because well-known brands of back clamp batteries must be more secure in terms of quality and after-sales service.

1. The output voltage of the back clamp battery is 5V, which is the same as the output voltage of the charger, so it will not be harmful to the mobile phone battery. In fact, after the battery of the back clip enters the mobile phone, it is adjusted to the voltage corresponding to the mobile phone battery by the mobile phone itself.

2. In fact, the clip-on battery is a mobile power supply, a dedicated mobile power supply. The advantage of the back clip battery is safety, easy to carry and use. The back clip battery is different from the ordinary mobile power source. The ordinary mobile power source is made of 18650 batteries, while the back clip battery uses polymer batteries. The 18650 is flammable and explosive. Like batteries, the safety factor of polymers is much higher.

3. The disadvantage of the back clamp battery is that the capacity is too small, and the large battery cell cannot be installed due to the influence of the shell space.

Post time: Dec-03-2021

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