News - The Development of Lithium Ion Battery

With the continuous improvement of the requirements for the capacity of the lithium ion battery by electrical equipment, people have higher and higher expectations for the improvement of the energy density of lithium ion batteries. In particular, various portable devices have put forward higher requirements for lithium-ion batteries with small size and long standby time such as smart phones, tablet computers, and notebook computers.

 In other electrical equipment, lithium-ion batteries with lighter weight, smaller size, higher output voltage and power density, such as energy storage equipment, power tools and electric vehicles are also being continuously developed.

Therefore, the development of high energy density lithium ion battery is an important research and development direction of the lithium battery industry.

In order to design a high-energy density lithium ion battery, in addition to continuous optimization of its space utilization, the compact density and gram capacity of the battery’s positive and negative materials are improved, and high-conductivity carbon nano and polymer binders are used to improve the positive and negative electrodes. In addition to the active material content, increasing the operating voltage of a lithium-ion battery is also one of the important ways to increase the energy density of the battery.

With the continuous development of power supply research and development technology, higher voltage and higher energy density lithium-ion batteries will come out of the laboratory to serve consumers gradually.

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Post time: Oct-21-2020