News - Precautions for Using Lithium Battery

The lithium battery contain unstable materials such as lithium and organic solvents. Improper operation may cause heating, fire or explosion, and cause harm to human body. In order to avoid accidents when handling batteries, be sure to observe the following precautions.

Please do not pile up batteries to avoid direct contact between the positive and negative poles of the batteries.It may cause a short circuit and cause the battery to heat up, catch fire or even explode.

Please do not put the battery in fire. Please do not heat the battery. When the lithium battery is heated to above 100°C, it may damage the battery sealing ring, diaphragm and other materials, cause leakage and internal short circuit, which may lead to fire or explosion.Do not weld the battery directly.

Please do not disassemble the battery. Disassembling the lithium battery may produce an irritating gas, and the metal lithium may also react with moisture in the air to generate heat and catch fire.

Please do not deform the battery. When the ultimate pressure is applied to the outside of the battery, it may damage the battery sealing ring, then cause leakage or internal short circuit, which may cause fire and explosion.

Please do not mix different types of batteries.Install the battery correctly. The inverted positive and negative poles of the battery in the application device may cause a short circuit, which may cause a fire or even explosion.

Dispose the used batteries correctly. Dispose the used batteries immediately according to the local waste recycling regulations.

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Post time: Oct-14-2020