News - Precautions for carrying Lithium Ion Batteries on Airplanes

The safety of the battery is very important. The following are the precautions for carrying lithium ion batteries on the plane.

Please place the lithium ion battery in the equipment where it is the safest place to carry or check in.

Use lithium ion batteries purchased from regular channels.

Separate spare lithium ion batteries from metal products, such as coins, keys, and jewelry. Or put each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective box.

Beware of crushing, puncturing, or applying high-intensity pressure to the lithium ion battery.

Do not bring damaged lithium ion batteries, recalled lithium ion batteries, or equipment containing such lithium ion batteries on board the aircraft.

Prevent the laptop or other equipment from dropping.

The specification of the lithium ion battery or spare lithium-ion battery in the equipment is greater than 100Wh but not more than 160Wh, and should be declared to the airline and approved by the airline before boarding.

During the flight, please turn off the power of the lithium ion battery equipment you carry, take care to prevent the equipment from starting accidentally; and take appropriate measures such as independent packaging to protect the electrodes of a single spare battery to prevent it from self-explosion and self-ignition caused by friction, collision and short circuit.

Post time: Oct-16-2020