News - Daily Maintenance of Lithium Ion Battery

Daily maintenance of lithium-ion battery has a great impact on battery life.When you find that the battery is discolored, deformed, or is not the same as usual, please stop using the battery. In charging, when the charging cannot be completed after the specified charging time, please stop charging, or it will cause the battery to leak, heat and break.

Do not mix the battery with metal objects to prevent the metal objects from touching the positive and negative electrodes of the battery and causing a short circuit, damaging the battery or even causing danger.

Under normal circumstances, the charging current of the lithium ion battery will be cut off by the upper circuit when it is charged to a certain voltage. However, due to the different voltage and current parameters of the built-in overshoot and overdischarge protection circuit of some equipment, the charging has not stopped although it is fully charged. Overcharging also can damage battery.

During the use of the battery, check the wiring bolts of the lithium ion battery for heat generation once a week, check the appearance of the lithium ion battery once a month for abnormal deformation, and check whether the connecting wires and bolts are loose or corroded once half a year.Contaminated and loose bolts must be tightened in time, and corrosion-contaminated joints must be cleaned in time.

The ambient temperature has a great influence on the discharge capacity, life, self-discharge and internal resistance of the battery. The room temperature of the battery should be controlled between 22°C and 25°C, which  not only can extend the battery life but also make the battery have optimal capacity.

Post time: Sep-30-2020