News - Classification of Kn95 Mask Machine

The N95 mask machine is a serie of flat and three-dimensional mask machines that use N95 non-woven materials as raw materials and can produce N95 masks.

N95 mask machine includes N95 flat mask machine, N95 three-dimensional mask machine and N95 mask body machine.

N95 plane mask machine includes N95 mask body machine, N95 inner ear mask machine, N95 outer ear mask machine, and N95 band-type mask machine.

N95 three-dimensional mask machine includes N95 cup mask machine, N95 duckbill mask machine and N95 folding mask machine.

The N95 mask body machine is a machine for the automatic production of multi-layer flat mask products. It can use 1 to 4 layers of N95, PP, spunbond, non-woven activated carbon and filter materials.

The entire machine is from raw material feeding to nose line Inserting, sealing, and cutting finished products are all automated operations in one line. The flat mask production equipment has stable performance, high output, low defect rate and easy operation.

Post time: Nov-17-2020