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Application: Consumer Electronics, Golf Carts, Electric Bicycles/Scooters, etc.

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9.6V  1.5AH 18650 4s1p LiFePO4 battery pack for solar lighting:

No. Item Specification Remarks
1 Brand Name SOSLLI or OEM  
2 Model NO. SSL-IFR3S1P18650E15  
3 Normilar Capacity 1.5Ah 0.2 C5A discharge
4 Normilar Voltage 9.6V  
5 Discharge Voltage (Min.) 7.5V  
6 Charging Voltage (Max.) 10.95V  
7 Charging Current (std.) 0.2 C5A  
8 Discharging Current (Max. continue) 4A  
9 Discharging Current (Max. temporary) 8A  
10 Charging Temperature & Humidity 0℃ ~ +45℃   45~85%RH  
11 Discharging Temperature & Humidity -20℃ ~ +60℃ 45~85%RH  
12 Battery storage and transportation environment temperature & humidity ranges Min. 1 month -20℃ ~ +60℃ 45~85%RH  
Min. 3 months -20℃ ~ +45℃ 45~85%RH  
Min. 12 months -20℃ ~ +25℃ 45~85%RH  
13 Battery Type LiFePO4 battery 18650 1500mAh  
14 Internal Impedance     
15 Protection Fuctions Over charge, Over discharge,
Over load, Short Circuit
16 Size 56mm x 18mm x 68mm Recommend or Customize
17 Weight Approx. 0.15kg PVC packing  
18 Cycle Life 3000 times  
19 Warranty 12 months  

Typical Advantage of Soslli’s lithim ion battery PACK:
1. Safer: Triple protection designs to prevent short-circuit inside the cell.
2. Real and high capacity, Low self-discharging, no memory effect.
3. Longer cycle life more than 2000 times @70% capacity retain.
4. Large batch production, offering very similar cells for rating.


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  • 1.  Q: Can you accept OEM and ODM Service?

    A: Yes, we supply OEM&ODM service as clients requirement.Please provide details such as voltage, capacity, max continuous working current, size requirement, package,etc.

    2.  Q: Can we get samples for test?

    A: Yes, but free samples are not available at beginning.

    3. Q: What’s your payment term?

    A: TT, L/C, West Union, Paypal etc.

    4. Q: What’s your warranty for products?

    A: Generally speaking, it’s one year’s warranty, for quality problems, we will send you a new one.

    5. Q: How long will be the delivery?

    A: Usually delivery in 10-15 days, but could be change according to the quantity or other things.




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